The Dark Princess' Song poster
Javier bolado eraide 1 poster
Javier bolado img 0877

FIrst sketch

Javier bolado img 0880


Javier bolado the yearning of a forgoten song wip0

Pencil finished

Javier bolado the yearning of a song wip1

A lot of work separating it in pieces

Javier bolado the yearning wip4

Go to the grayscale!

Javier bolado the yearning wip7

Color almost done!

Poster of the 1st book of the victorian fantasy novel saga Eraide, titled The Dark Princess' Song. Published by Babylon at Spain in 2015.

Adriem Karid, a simple imperial guard, decides to escort a mysterious novice to go back to her home. However, both belong to an old game in which pieces are moved by fate. An adventure that will take them to seek the truth wherever is hidden: in the heart of the legend itself.

More information coming soon.